Ver, Oír  y Bailar

Ver, Oír y Bailar


I have always thought that beauty is in the simple things, but when I see difficult in something simple, for me then ART shines. 
Listening to Chano, Caracol, Marchena, La Paquera, Fernanda, Bernarda, Farina... I realise that they left the most important legacy in the history of flamenco. 

To me, that was THE ART, the legacy with which I learnt that, in order to dance, you have to know how to listen and that sometimes silence is more beautiful than any sound.

I have seen how they left their songs to the History and how flamenco dancers such as Rafael De Córdoba, Enrique ¨El Cojo¨, Antonio Gades, Rafael ¨El Negro¨ crafted them in forms and styles with their bodies... They were masters that marked an era, masters that I watched and learned from.

 After having them as references I have become aware of the beauty of simple things, so I have no choice but to SEE, HEAR and DANCE. 

Francisco Hidalgo.

Francisco Hidalgo
dirección, coreografía 

Mariana Collado
direction, choreography 

José Almarcha
musical direction 

Anabel Moreno
guest artist 

Francisco Hidalgo, Anabel Moreno

Juan de Mairena, Jesús Corbacho

José Almarcha

Carlos Grilo

Víctor Guadiana
sound space 

Guadalupe Jiménez, David Picazo
lighting design 

José Galvañ, Carolina Verdasco
costume design