"Francisco Hidalgo, revealed very solid tablas, with a choreography in which he played at ease". 

Manuel Martín
El Mundo

"Francisco Hidalgo, the flamenco choreographer, does an exceptional job with the company of dancers"

Dominica Plummer

"Francisco Hidalgo's flamenco choreography (and his main performance) is off the scale".

Carole Gordon

" Good dance in small doses "
Juan Garrido, Diario de Jerez "

Juan Garrido
Diario de Jerez

¨Francisco Hidalgo... intense, sober and intimate¨.  

Estela Zatania

" Intense, emotive and flamenco " 

Susanne Zellinger
Flamenco Divino

"Francisco Hidalgo has once again demonstrated with Moscas y Diamantes that he is one of the most creative artists of his generation". 

Susanne Zellinger
Flamenco Divino

¨Arms like branches that embrace the world¨. 

Isabel Diez