Moscas y Diamantes


Who are we? What steers us? Who do we want to be? Where do we guide our acts to?. 

Each human being as a social individual, in one or another way, is conditioned by a series of behavioral norms imposed by third parties. This determines what is supposedly correct as an absolute truth and restrains our actions and our way of life, pulling us to a passive comfort zone, such is the fear that is instills in us to get out of the established norms.

In “Moscas y Diamantes” I surrender to a work of introspection to reflect on the consequences that these “norms” have influenced my self-fullfilment as a dancer. I manage to escape from any wound caused by them and to find the reality of my dreamt world.

 I seek my own perfection through the pictorial art of Oswaldo Guayasamín in every greater expression of myself; the bald guy, the imperfect man, the masculin boy, the individual self, the rustic body, the perfect self… or any self that the spectator would perceive of me.

Our essence is finally not in the hands of others and the only absolute truth is ours. So if they call us crazy ... let’s dance 

Francisco Hidalgo.

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